Vehicle Security

Keep your vehicle safe with these state-of-the-art systems designed to deter theft. We offer a variety of modern systems that are guaranteed to keep you at peace of mind. All systems are installed by qualified professionals.

Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle security is extremely important, and there may be an occasion when someone takes your car without your permission. Having a GPS car tracker fitted to your car enables you to track the location of your vehicle in real time.

In the unfortunate event that someone does take your car without permission, then you can immediately track the location of your car and inform the relevant authorities of its whereabouts for a speedy recovery.

If you need a vehicle tracking system for your business, tracking devices allow you to monitor where your employee vehicles are at all times. So you can track customer deliveries, mileage used and location of your drivers. If a customer calls to find out where their delivery is then you can refer to your car tracking device, and give accurate drop off times by monitoring your vehicle tracking system.

If you have children who use your car, a gps tracking device allows you to monitor their locations giving you peace of mind knowing where they are with your vehicle.

Plant Machinery

If your plant machinery gets stolen, recovery can be very difficult. Replacing it is another matter! Will your budget stretch to buying twice? You could also lose business during the time that piece of plant machinery is missing.

Plant and Machinery Trackers ensure you can fully protect your assets and track them down. Plant equipment is extremely expensive and is at high risk of theft. What makes this even more concerning is how unlikely it is that you will be able to retrieve your agricultural/construction plant equipment.


Car alarms are made up of several different parts. Broken down into the most basic categories, today’s car alarms are made up of a computer, a receiver that responds to your keycode, a loudspeaker and several different sensors.

The way a car alarm works is simple: when the alarm is switched on and a sensor receives a response, the alarm sounds. When the sensors don’t record any unusual activity, the car alarm remains active but silent and unnoticeable.

Older car alarms usually only included one or two sensors – typically a door sensor and a tilt/shock sensor. Today, car alarms – particularly alarms fitted to expensive vehicles – can include anywhere from two to ten different sensors. This might not be enough for your modern thief; for added security you should upgrade your alarm to further deter thieves and give your more peace of mind.


A car immobiliser is a security device that stops your car from starting if the wrong key is used. You can get electronic immobilisers and physical immobilisers which include devices like steering wheel locks.

Most modern cars have electronic engine immobilisers. For your car to start, your key or key fob sends a code to a part of the car known as the electronic control unit (ECU). If the code is correct then the car will start by activating the ignition, fuel and starter motor systems.

If the code is wrong or someone tries to hotwire the car, electronic immobilisers will stop the car from starting by preventing the ignition, fuel and starter motor systems from working together. Immobilisers will vary by manufacturer but the basic principle behind them is the same.